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Escape From Ancient Mystery

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In the ancient place, there are houses in that area too but they look old, it might have been from the people from before living in there, now those stands abandoned. One day, Henry went into the place for he wanted to discover more of the area especially its mysteries. It is not easy to venture there, for the path had long since gone and what remains are dense vegetation which makes it hard to get there. Henry was able to arrive the place though and that is where his adventure begins, but there is a rumor though that most people who goes there experiences misadventures and that is a sure one for Henry.

Henry was astounded of what he is seeing in the place he was in, maybe he'll find-out something in the area there really, but it wouldn't be good for what he found-out is he is lost in the place now! Henry froze after he found that out, he began to see that he is in the mercy of the place here, but he is not going to let that consume him though for the forest is obviously powerful than him. Escape players, want to join Henry here on this escape from the wilderness with an ancient history?

Escape From Ancient Mystery is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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