Escape From Abydos Temple Game

Escape From Abydos Temple

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Escape From Abydos Temple is the newest point and click ancient place escape game created by Top 10 New Games. Stay alert here on the challenge and best of luck!

The wooden house in the desert which everyone is just ignoring is actually a landmark, and beneath its foundations there was a secret passage which is hiding quite a grand and ancient place! Dong was just on his way to the city and the only path to take was the desert's, in the middle of it he got pretty exhausted so he rested to the same old and ruined house which had that valuable secret. Dong was resting when he tinkered on the weird things on the floor and that is how he discovered that hidden passage and when he entered with all the curiousness as well as the heart-pounding, he got himself into a place which he really did not expect!

Dong is now in a complex of underground rooms and each have gold studded artifacts and ancient statues! Goodness, the gold here looks like it could be more valuable than fort knox, or probably even priceless! Dong got startled as to what he had found, so he scrambled outside to get some air but unfortunately, a problem came up. Escape players, Dong got himself inside the place and in the end, he also got himself in some trouble, care to try the adventure here and see if you can solve the problem the quickest? Go ahead then everyone and have fun!

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