Escape From Abandoned Red Bell Brewery Game

Escape From Abandoned Red Bell Brewery

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Oohh, I can still recall the taste of a good Red Bell Ale on a Saturday night with friends around the table. Some of them were smoking, but all of us had a cup of ale at hand. It had a pretty strong and characteristic taste, but we loved it. Oh boy, how much we could drink. However, during the years we got separated and ironically, the company that produced the ale was shut down. Just as a symbol of our youth and friendship, it disappeared. We all read it in the news when it happened. We texted each other after a long time only because of the news. It was nice to talk to them again. We even met once after that. Everyone was there. It was nice to see their faces. You decided to break into the abandoned factory and check it out. Unfortunately, a guard saw you and is chasing you now. You split up to make his job harder, but it seems he followed you.

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