Escape From 2020 Thanksgiving Beach Game

Escape From 2020 Thanksgiving Beach

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In the previous years, the beach is always full when thanksgiving comes, but because of the situation lately the place looks like an abandoned resort for there are no people around, it's kind spooky at times for really the place does not run-out of people all year round, but now it's just eerily quiet. As a worker there in the place, Marlon have seen it all when he saw the beach empty, he'll just have to sit by the beach then or maybe venture into the coast to places he haven't been to, yes maybe he'll do that.

Marlon was roaming around the beach checking-out stuff and he saw things he had never seen before. The beach was actually awesome, but after awhile though as he goes, it was also unfortunate for now he is lost there! Marlon did not ever thought he'll get lost in the place where he works but yet he is! Marlon knows he is still in some area which he entered and he knows he'll be able to get back, but sadly he couldn't it whenever he tries, it just gets worst. Escape players, Marlon needs to get back to the resort for this problem is weird and also, he has a job there and his boss will get mad if he is nowhere to be found. Will you help Marlon as he finds his way along the coast.

Escape From 2020 Thanksgiving Beach is the newest point and click beach escape game from Big Escape Games.

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