Escape From 2016

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“10…9…8…” You can already hear the countdown outside but you’re still stuck inside. You clearly remembered how it happened. It’s the early morning of the previous day. Your elementary school invited you for the unearthing of your time capsule. You along with your other classmates attended the event. There you look back at the things you have buried. It was one of the most amazing things to see. It brought back so many memories that you and your classmates spent a lot of time talking about it. But you saved opening your boxes for last. It’s weird but you can’t seem to remember anything after a specific date. Your classmates continued talking but you can’t add to what they’re saying. You fell silent on the side and decided to open up your box. You’re supposed to give it to the present kids of the school.

But memories for you are hard to give away. So you opened the box on your own. What you saw inside was a button. Curious as to what it does, you pushed it and a blinding light appeared. When you opened your eyes, you’re inside your room chasing the countdown. Escape From 2016 is a room escape game by G7 Games where you have to race against time to move on to the next year.

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Walkthrough video for Escape From 2016

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