Escape from Forest Haunted House Game

Escape from Forest Haunted House

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It was very dark when you came out of the office. Your boss gave you additional work before letting you enjoy the long weekend. You weren't even able to look at your watch. But what you were sure of was that you were already very sleepy. So you walked lazily along the streets. Your apartment was just a walking distance away. Suddenly, you realized that there were strange structures on the street that you usually walked on. You looked around and it didn't feel the same. So you thought about the paths you took and you were very sure it was right. But you were wondering why the sudden change of structures. Slowly, rain began to pour. You quickly looked for a place for shelter but all you saw was a big tree. You thought the wide canopy can shelter you for a while as you look for other places.

But you couldn't find another place. So you walked passed the tree. You only blinked when the view around you changed into that of a house. Goosebumps started forming on your skin as you felt the strange sensation of being inside a room with someone you couldn't see. Play Escape from Forest Haunted House room escape game by WoW Escape.

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