Escape Farmer Woman Game

Escape Farmer Woman
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A vast scenery of green spreads across the distance. Various plant crops lay healthily across your garden. You worked your fingers to the bone and spent countless hours tending to the plants. You put in all that effort in order to create the majestic garden before you. However, your hard work has paid off too much that it is becoming hard to manage everything on your own. You then decide to hire someone to lend a helping hand.

Escape Farmer Woman is fun and exciting point and click escape game made by Avm Games. In this escape game, you must help your newly hired farmer escape from the garden house.

Point and click your way as you explore the vast garden to look for clues and solve puzzles to aid in the escape of your helper. You cannot help but wonder how such a diligent and hardworking woman managed to get herself locked in the garden house.

Will you be able to surpass the tough challenges and come out triumphant? But more importantly, will you be able to save your helper for the sake of your beautiful and majestic garden? Your plants are eagerly waiting to be watered. Good luck!

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