A simple living room is shown in Escape Fan Room Escape.

Escape Fan Room Escape

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A bank is locked down in 16th Avenue. There are six men wearing masks and all have guns that are frightening the clients and the staff so much. There is no way for them to escape because the robbers put barricades at the entrance. The authorities are planning a negotiation so that the robbers will release some of the hostages. The bank manager and the staffs are being taken into a room where the leader of the heist are also prodding them with questions pertaining to a safety deposit box. The bank employees would not talk and leader of the robbers became even more agitated. When a call from the authorities came through, the leader was informed and locked the door behind him. The employees must find a way to escape the room.

This is the newest escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Examine minimalistic house rooms. Solve different puzzles like spot the differences, spot carefully hidden stars and gears. Obtain flower key to open the exit door. Good Luck!

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Walkthrough video for Escape Fan Room Escape

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