Escape Fan Room 2 Game

Escape Fan Room 2

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Thalia Cruz, a get-backer, is sneaking into the apartment of a notorious smuggler because of an important job. A client is paying handsomely for the return of his warehouse blueprints because of the secret rooms. These secret rooms are housing some of the most valuable contents worth millions of dollars. The blueprints are not easy to read and needs a special code to unlock the hidden rooms. It is only viewable by computers and the smuggler has a team of hackers to do the job in addition to his thugs. Thalia, leader of the get-backers, successfully got into the room following her own hacker's instructions. As soon as she got in, she met scores of traps inside that stunned her.

Escape Fan Room 2 is the second game in a brand new minimalistic escape game series focused more on puzzles. It is developed by Ainars for Escape Fan. This game contains more puzzles! Explore each of the 4 scenes, figure out puzzles solution and codes to obtain exit key and escape from this room. Good Luck and have fun!

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