Escape Fan Room 1 Game

Escape Fan Room 1

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An IQ testing laboratory is currently testing ten college students. These students are a select few who are also under their scholarship program. The most intelligent students are serving as the guinea pigs for these men in lab coats. The students subject themselves to these experiments because they are attending a prestigious institution. The tuition fees are no laughing matter. They are taking  certain drugs to test their immediate effects besides answering worksheets. Creating drugs that increases a person's intelligence is this laboratory's crowning glory. Proceeding to level 2 testing, which is the puzzle room, students are solving and escaping the room themselves. This is for determining how fast the drugs work and how easily the students will pass testing.

Escape Fan Room 1 is first part of brand new minimalistic escape game series, created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Investigate each of the 4 views, figure out codes to obtain the key and escape. Good Luck!

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