Escape Fan Room 02 Escape Game

Escape Fan Room 02 Escape

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In the previous escape adventure, we tackled Bruce's situation where he is trapped in his apartment which he recently got. But this time escape players, we will join another one who was experiencing almost the same situation as Bruce's, and that is in a house with vibrant interior colors which was Cathy's place. Cathy had spent half of her life in the house and she had been through ups and downs in the place, solving daily problems and experiencing different emotions through the years, but she'd never ever prepared herself one day, for something weird happened and for the first-time she got trapped in her house!

Cathy was just about to leave when she realized this problem, now she is scrambling in and out of the rooms there searching for a way out and an answer to what is happening. Escape players, looks like this is another situation here that you must solve, what will you do if you're faced with the same situation? Play as Cathy here then and try your best to solve the problem in the place.

Escape Fan Room 02 Escape is the second level of the new indoor escape game created by Ainars. Try the first level from this escape adventure, explore rooms and solve all the puzzles there to escape!


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