The former owners' portrait hangs in the living room of Escape Fan - Mini House Escape game.

Escape Fan – Mini House Escape

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Carla’s family moved to a new home. It was small and old but it will have to do for now. As Carla strated unpacking, she found old albums inside the closet in her room. She flipped the pages one by one and found out that the house used to be owned by a creepy family. That night, her mother told the story about the family who owned the house. The house used to be rigged with puzzles and contraptions to trap people they can experiment on. Carla shuddered at the thought.

Two hours later, Carla’s walking downstairs getting some water. She cannot sleep because she felt the that she’s being watched. The paintings all over the house didn’t help either. She’s walking around, nevertheless, unafraid. Soon, she stumbled upon a switch on the floor which she nearly tripped over. When she flipped it, she heard something moved somewhere in the house. Carla became pensive. It looks like it’s going to be a long night!

Mini House Escape from Escape Fan is another great escape the room game which was developed by Ainars. Find objects, solve puzzles and finally get out of this small house!

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Walkthrough video for Escape Fan – Mini House Escape

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