Escape Fan Laboratory Escape Game

Escape Fan Laboratory Escape

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It's Science Month! Your school is holding a science fair. All of you are free to display various experiments that you want other students and visitors to try. You'are in-charge of making sure the experiments and inventions are safe and can be enjoyed and manipulated by visitors. So you go around the school checking each set-up. Since you enjoy science as well, you also try the experiments. You have so much fun doing so that you forget about the other set-up. So you hurriedly move on the next location. Then you stop once in a while to check and watch the visitors. You stop by one set-up and ask if everything is okay. The students is worrying because she is missing a material. So you offer her help and went to the laboratory to get the material. But you wish you could have asked someone else.

Upon arriving at the laboratory, you walk around a bit poking at things. You don't really want to touch the tools here or you might break something. But the material is very hard to find. You plan to go back to the student and just tell her to ask other students to buy it for you. But the hinges of the door don't work. Go back to the fair by playing the best escape game Escape fan Laboratory Escape by Ainars.

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