Escape Fan House Escape 4 Game

Escape Fan House Escape 4

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You can see here the newest "Ainars" type house. Probably, they have the safest houses on the planet and a lot of people know this. You're working for the company testing the houses they build. Basically, they can thank you for securing their reputation. You can't really complain, because they pay pretty well. Not to mention you get to do what you like the most: thinking and solving puzzles. You reached your dream job. Let's get back to work!

Gathering your equipment, you set out to break into the latest home model by the Ainars company. The first thing you're now testing is unlocking the massive gate outside because the gate is always the first line of defense of any home. You insert the key into the gate keyhole and would not go through. After trying your other tools, the gate proved it cannot be opened using basic tools. It's the front door next this time. You need to be careful because it has a deadly security system.

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