Escape Fan House Escape 3 Game

Escape Fan House Escape 3

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Someone drugs and kidnaps you. You woke up in a seemingly small house and panics. Futhermore, the place looks abandoned and roaches are running all over the place. The door opens and a man comes in. He sat you down and calmly explains that because you owe a lot of money, you will work for them to pay it back. In addition, you will also look for a new recruit. However, you need to be able to work and pay double the amount you owe.

Seeing as you don't have a choice, you agree to it. Your first mission is to steal something from someone wealthy. To be sure that you won't go back on your word, they began threatening your family. You set out and found the target but you saw that the house is very small. Nevertheless, you broke into it but accidentally triggered an alarm. You chided yourself looking for a corner to hide into. You must not be seen.


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