Escape Fan - Halloween House Escape Game

Escape Fan - Halloween House Escape

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It's Halloween! You should be collecting candies. But instead you are inside your house and just watching your friends trick or treating. You can't let this Halloween go to waste. So make a plan to collect as much candies as you can. Your parents check on you to see how you're doing and you lay your plan to them. They are hesitant with your plan. However, they propose another one. You live near a house where no one else dares to go. But your parents challenge you to go collecting candies there. They can let you have all the candies you can find as you find inside the house. And you're very happy with their proposal. So they let you dress up and walk around the city before getting the house. Can you find all the candies you want? Or will your fear get the most of your candies?

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