An old jalopy sits inside a brightly decorated room in Escape Fan-Closed Doors game.

Escape Fan – Closed Doors

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A murder mystery shook the town of Bedford right in the middle of Founder’s Day. CeeCee Wells, an elementary school teacher, found dead inside the lobby of the old Queenslake Hotel. In addition, there’s no sign of breaking and entering, and yet, how the gruesome deed was carried out remains a mystery. The residents standing outside of the hotel knew kind Mrs. Wells. The children love her very much. What happened was unimaginable and the townsfolk utter a prayer. Police officers are putting yellow tape at the surrounding of the entrance so that no one  can enter. The hotel manager, frantic because of the incident, is talking excitedly to one of the officers.

The victim is Detective Lawson Keller’s childhood friend. Determined to find the killer, even more, the motive, the detective steps out to gather information. He instructs the forensics team to give the reports to him immediately and briskly walked out of the hotel to interview witnesses. So far, only the bell hop saw the victim entered the hotel and a few other guests the night before. Detective Keller went back inside the hotel to further investigate the the locked rooms in the hotel. Guests are watching from the second floor balcony while the authorities carried out standard protocol.

Here is another enthralling escaping game developed by Ainars for Escape Fan. You start in front of 3 doors. Let’s look around what you can do!


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Walkthrough video for Escape Fan – Closed Doors

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