This elevator is your bridge to the four rooms you must get to in Escape Fan 4 Floors game.

Escape Fan 4 Floors

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The WKZ News Network is a four-storey building of chaos. Reporters, researchers, and staffs are always moving along on a regular day that’s always hectic. Kerri Dayle usually works as the floor manager but these days, she also doubles as the gopher. She went out to get mocha lattes for both the network’s star anchors and fifteen minutes later returns to an eeriely silent building. Kerri had only taken a few steps when a gunfire rang out with a reaction of startled screams.

She sneaks into the technical room and peeks into one of the monitors. The network, it seems, is taken hostage by three masked men with rifles. She had to call for help but first but the phones had been cut. Kerri needs to find out if there are other people in hiding at the different floors and if she can find one working phone to call for help. She carefully snuck out to find the exit doors jammed. The only way out of the second floor is through the elevator.

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