Each chair leads to a different trap in Escape Fan - 3 Chairs Escape game.

Escape Fan – 3 Chairs Escape

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Five friends are trapped in an abandoned hotel. A few hours later, they woke up inside a cell.  Lyle, looked around to see various machinery and chemistry sets all over at one corner. A figure came close and he saw that it was an old man. The old man beckoned to him to come closer. Lyle opened the gate and stepped out since it wasn’t locked after all. The old man explained to him that he found them lying by a broken bottle of chloroform and that he was sorry he couldn’t carry them to proper bed because he’s not as strong as he used to be.

One by one, the others awoke. He led the others to the chairs beside the chemistry set. Tanya, Mike and Chelsie are all still dizzy. Robert stood alongside Lyle who was being filled in by the old man’s story. The hotel with rusty walls was sold to him by the former owner who went bankrupt. He’s also the ghostly figure that people had been seeing by the bar. The friends were shocked to find out that this old man is but a ghost. The old man went silent and sat down to his own leather chair and sighed. He said he cannot leave and step outside the world of the living again until he solves the puzzle. A puzzle that involves the three chairs that three of the friends are being sat on.


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