Escape the Engineer's Maze 2 Game

Escape the Engineer's Maze 2

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Escape the Engineer's Maze 2 is the escape game from ArtKivez. Imagine you are a spy for your country who had been espying in an old and abandoned building for months because some politician believed that your enemy was hiding a special factory there which main goal was to produce special machines. These man-made robots could be able to conquer your country from inside, emerging from under the ground. One day you traced a phone call coming from the building. It was between two engineers who had been working down there for years. They informed each other about the process and declared the new weapons were going to be ready in the next days. You had to step something fast so you decided to descend into this mysterious place. Entering through its entrance you realized it was heavily guarded and was shaped az a maze in order to keep the invaders away. Suddenly the alarm system turned on, probably somebody noticed you. You couldn't use the way where you came in because guards approached from there. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape. Have fun!



  1. Date: August 31, 2014
    Author: elkwhale
    I disagree with the low rating -- this was a fun, clever, logical game. Very enjoyable :)
    • Date: September 1, 2014
      Author: admin
      There are some players unfortunately who give 1 star if they stuck in the game.

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