Escape Elite Car Theft

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After stealing so many things, you decided to stop. Although you had a lot of fun back then, you know you can’t continue living that way. The cops had a hard time looking for you. However, one very skilled cop was able to catch you. He was so ready to welcome you into jail. But then a lawyer jumped in. She had been following you around and was studying your every move. She talked to the cop and asked him to suspend his actions. Her statement surprised the cop. But she assured the cop that you’ll never steal again. The lawyer then took care of you until you were able to take care of yourself. However, the cop was still keeping an eye on you. You told him he has nothing to worry about since your promised the lawyer you’ll steal anymore.

The cop just nodded but still kept you under surveillance. You were a very skilled thief and you’re able to tell how people steal. It was just an ordinary day for you when the cop visited you. He offered you erasure of the crimes you committed if you’ll help them retrieve a car. Play Escape Elite Car Theft room escape game by Yolk Games.

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