Escape Creepy Castle Game

Escape Creepy Castle

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Escape Creepy Castle is brand new point and click castle escape game released by Selfdefiant! Have Fun trying to find your way out of an ancient structure.

The creepy castle was once the only fortified bastion of the great king which reigned in the land 800 years ago, now what remains is the stone structure and it's amazing that it still stands sturdy even in the present time. Sadly it's restricted area at the moment and nobody is allowed to enter there, well at least yet for they are planning to turn it into the state's museum right after they finish their extensive inspections. Alexa can only look at the exterior of the place and wonder how is it inside, well she'll have a glimpse though or better yet, mysteriously got into the place without any explanation how it even happen!

Alexa was just sleeping in her room but when she woke-up after feeling something not right, she found herself alone in the castle and somehow she is trapped in there! Alexa could not open any doors and it's only logical, for the place had been sealed for years, only a few people can enter and now she is actually there. Escape players, Alexa needs help here for she is now trapped in an ancient place which she thought she'd never get to, will you all be able to find the way out from the castle in the dark? Good luck then.


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