Escape Crazy Maze Game

Escape Crazy Maze

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You didn't mean to meet up with your friends. You just went to the office to pick up something you left. But when you were about to leave, your friend was outside. She didn't have anything to that afternoon. You didn't want to be rude. So you invited her to have some snacks with you. She immediately agreed and you both searched for a place you had never been to. You both wanted to experience every cafe in your area. But sometimes, there were places she had already gone to that you hadn't been to. So you decided to try the one she already visited. However, there was still a part she wasn't able to explore. You were very curious with the maze beside the cafe. Your friend however wanted to stay away from it. You told her to just wait for your return as you wouldn't venture far out.

But you got so caught up with the thrill of being inside the maze. You clearly remembered the way out. Yet when a bird flew too close to you, you spun until you couldn't tell where you should go. It overwhelmed you. And you passed out. Then upon waking up, you find yourself in a whole new maze. Play Escape Crazy Maze outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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