Escape Cookie Factory Game

Escape Cookie Factory

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The question that you have in mind all this time is, who took the cookie from the cookie jar? This is the mystery that you would never get to solve. Because of that, you went to the cookie factory to get your own cookie. With this, you don't have to think about the cookie in the cookie jar because you have to think of another thing and that is how to escape from this factory. This is such a huge place but there is no human that can help you to escape. Robots run this place so you have to find your own way to escape. The good news is, there are items in the factory that you can use for your escape plan. Not only that, there are also clues that can help you to solve all the puzzles that you will encounter along the way.

On top of that, you have to use your logic to escape quickly. The cookies might smell good but you can't stay in here forever. Escape Cookie Factory is a brand new room point and click escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City that you will surely enjoy. Good luck and have fun!


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