Escape From Coastwise Ship Game

Escape From Coastwise Ship

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Your dream vacation is finally here! Because of your busy work schedule, you don't have time for vacations but today is your day! You are ready to go to Boracay Island in the Philippines. You heard many great things about it and it made you more excited for the trip. Because of this, your excitement didn't let you sleep last night and as a result, you woke up late and the ship left you behind. You are so sad but you did not allow this vacation to spoil. You saw a coastwise ship and it will also head to the same island. This ship is strictly for the coast guards only and that's why you are not allowed to enter. Despite all this, you still choose to break the rule and went to the coastwide ship. Everything is smooth until a guard found you hanging around.

He chased after you but you managed to run away. The alarm rang and everyone now looks for you. They would not tolerate any trespassers so you have to escape from the Coastwise ship or you'll end up in jail. Find clues that can help you to escape and grab items that you can use. Escape From Coastwise Ship is the newest room escape from Eight Games. Good luck!

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  1. Date: December 20, 2016
    Author: tsolax
    Love your games, but please put away this annoying sound of steps

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