Escape Clunker

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You recently bought a new modern car. It had just gone out of the market and you can’t let anyone have the latest car. So you reserved yourself a unit for this vehicle. It costed a lot of money but your pride needs to be fed constantly. So you started driving you car around. Some people were blown away by it. However, others just have passive reactions. You can’t accept that not everyone is amazed by your vehicle. So you went around more places and stopping once in a while to let others look at it. Every time someone praised your car you felt ecstatic. You need to hear those often to be in a good mood. But suddenly, one car passed by that took everybody’s breath away. It was a rusty old car without a windshield and side mirrors. The tires weren’t even new.

So you decided to open your car for everybody to see its features. And that’s when people flocked to you. After a few minutes of exhibiting your car, you felt satisfied and ready to leave. However, when you reached in your pocket to find the key, it’s not there. Escape Clunker is an outdoor escape game by Ajaz Game.

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Walkthrough video for Escape Clunker

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