Escape China Town

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China town is a good place to be in-order to get some goods and things that you don’t usually find in stores in the city, but Norman didn’t go there though and got a traditional Chinese house in the place at the moment, but he woke-up in one of the rooms there and when he got outside for he was really confused what was going-on, he saw that there was nobody in the town which was even unfamiliar to him and confusion was really swirling in Norman’s head now. What happened here? How did he got to the place? Was he drunk again? Most certainly not and his last drink was even last-week.

Norman doesn’t have any idea why he was here, but he might have an idea of how to leave this place for it seems to be a little familiar to him. Escape players, there might be a clue here around the shops which can help you to navigate the entire place. Be ready for what’s up here now, place yourself on the shoes of Norman and may you find the way back home.

Escape China Town is the newest point and click town escape game created by Selfdefiant.

Walkthrough video for Escape China Town


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