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Escape Century 2017

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For your New Year's treat, you decided to travel in a beautiful place. Many websites and bloggers ranked this place number one. Nobody actually knew of its construction. Once, this place was just a vacant space. You haven't heard of any plans with this place. And since it's vacant, many people use it to practice riding bikes. Sometimes, you try riding your bike here as well. Then one day, when you went there to ride again, blue sack covered the place. You tried asking some people about what's happening. However, they simply avoided you and kept being silent the whole time. Following them around tired you. They're completely ignoring you. So you went home to find other things to spend your free time on. Then again, you can't keep your mind off of the structure on the vacant lot.

So you tried searching on the internet. You've seen an interesting article about the vacant lot. However, they were all just speculations as to what is going to be built here. A few weeks after, you went back to the vacant lot and found a very beautiful place instead. Now it's used as a place to celebrate New Year. But some things are missing. Escape Century 2017 is an outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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