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Escape Businessman

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Business as usual. This is your everyday life. Looks like you are the busiest man in the world with all the meetings that you have to attend everyday. You never want to miss a single meeting. Moreover, you don't like to be late with any of those. Because of that, you always see to it that you wake up and prepare early for work. Today, you have an early meeting to attend to. You can say that you are ready for that meeting but there is something that you do before you can leave. Your suit and brief case is ready but you don't have the key in your pocket. That key is the only way to open the door so you have to find it. You don't want to keep your client waiting so you have to find the quickest way to escape.

You have a lot of things on your mind that you forgot where you put your key. Thankfully, there are clues all over the place that can help you to find the missing key. You just have to look for those so you can escape quickly. Escape Businessman is the newest outdoor escape game by Avm Games. Best of luck!

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