Escape Beautiful House Game

Escape Beautiful House

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You had been house hunting for a beautiful house a couple of days already. But still you couldn't find a place that you wanted to stay in. So you continued your search until you bumped into a friend in the street. He was living in a different city and you were surprised to see him since he was always busy. He said he was on a business trip and was on his way home. You told him about your house hunting and he suggested looking for houses in the city where he lived. You described to him the kind of house you were looking for and he said he could you point out some for you. He made some phone calls to his friends for houses that were on sale. You just waited until you arrived at the location of the places he was asking about.

You stopped in front of big house. It looked modern on the outside and you were hoping to find the same inside. You wanted to have a minimalist design with modern technology running throughout the house. Your friend let you in first as he continued making more calls. You finished exploring the house and would like to tell your friend about it but you had to find your own way out first. Play Escape Beautiful House room escape game by FunEscape.

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  1. Date: April 18, 2019
    Author: dewed
    Non changing cursor ruins it

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