Escape From Artist Room Game

Escape From Artist Room

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An artist needs an inspiration and a clear mind to produce a great art. This is the reason why you seclude yourself from the people these past few weeks. You locked yourself in a room so nobody can disturb you. As a result, you made a very wonderful painting that you can show to the public. This is something that you are really proud of and you want to add it to your exhibit. So, you cleaned up your hands and got ready to step out of the artist room. The problem is, the door won't open. This means that you can't get out so as your painting. Your painting deserves to be seen in the public and not just hidden in this room. You have to spread art but first, you have to find a way to escape from the room.

As an artist, you must also possess logic and you should use that logic to escape. There are items and clues around the room that can help you out. You just have to find those so you can finally share your masterpiece. Escape From Artist Room is a brand new room escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun!

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