Escape from the Aliens Game

Escape from the Aliens

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Assume in this game you are a scientist who have been working on to create a machine which could be able to contact aliens somewhere in the galaxy. You have already managed to earn quite good results at it so other researchers, engineers and even governments became interested in your work. One day you got a phone call from the international space research centre and its boss wanted to buy the machine from you at high price. You refused his offer and slammed down the receiver to avoid any further contacts. When you did it suddenly a laser beam glinted through the window of your room and it sucked you into the inside of an alien space ship. The creatures demanded you to cease your work or else they were going to be disclosed but they intended to be unknown by human. They also decided to keep you as a prisoner to make sure they were going to be in safe. Find hidden objects and fit them together to escape from the ship somehow. Good luck!



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