Escape Aboriginal House Game

Escape Aboriginal House

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You believe that your ability does not depend on the item you're using but on your belief in your ability. Sadly, your people just can't accept it. They want something concrete to materialize their belief in themselves. So you set out on a journey to find the missing arrow. It has always been an important item which symbolizes the strength of your people. It's heavily guarded and outsiders could get hurt badly if they enter the location of the arrow. This gave you a clue as to who the thieves might be. They might be someone from your own group. The ones who knew how to work their way around the security put up to protect the item. But you wondered why they would do such a thing. The arrow was one of the things bringing the people together.

You entered the location once more to search for clues. Then you found an item that looked familiar. There was an aboriginal house a few kilometers away. You went inside that house. You wanted to make sure that no bad person was making it a home. However, you should've looked around some more to spot the would be thieves of the arrow. Play Escape Aboriginal House room escape game by Avm Games.

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