Escape From Abandoned Sanatorium Game

Escape From Abandoned Sanatorium

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After all the stresses from work, you're finally having a vacation. You've been planning this vacation for years. And now you're putting it into action. As you are watching the rolling scenery on your window, you remember the moments before you graduated and faced life. In your capsule you placed a notebook full of your dream destinations. And as you were about to place it on the container on the ground, a girl approached you. Then she asked about your capsule and said she'll meet you one day as you are fulfilling your dreams. You smile as you remember these seemingly insignificant memories. When suddenly, in the corner of your eyes, you see a familiar face. And the face belongs to the girl you met a few years ago. She's really there as you fulfill your dreams. She invites you to tour with her and you blindly accept her offer.

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