Escape Abandoned Palace Game

Escape Abandoned Palace

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You always dream to be a princess. In fact, you also have a crown in your bag just in case you have to rule. While you were walking along the forest, something caught your attention. You saw a huge palace but seems like there is nobody in there. This means that you can go in and roam around the abandoned palace. In there, you saw the old throne. You also saw the knight's armor. However, there is something that you didn't see. You didn't see the way out of this abandoned palace. There are also lots of puzzles that blocks your way. Those might be the challenges that the queen has to conquer everyday. Thankfully, there are clues that can help you with those puzzles. There are also items in there that you can use for your escape plan.

There is no knight in shining armor that can save you right now. With that, you have to use your own logic to find your way out. You have to think of your own effective escape plan to get away from this abandoned palace. Escape Abandoned Palace is the newest room escape game by Avm Games. Good luck and have fun!

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