Entralling Fantasy Forest Escape

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To get to this secret forest, one must pass through a cave and from there people are on their own, for the forest is not a typical one and holds far more dangers than a normal one. Well nobody really falls victim to such for nobody really knows about it, well except for Koda who always enter it but ever since he first entered which was years ago, he never gets lost or faces a serious problem. Well there is always a first-time for everything, and for Koda it is just that!

Koda got lost for the forest now increased the illusions it produces! That’s to the point he could no longer tell what’s real or not. Still the place is beautiful, but he needs to remain focus and find the cave’s entrance so he can return to his world or something. Koda will still look at the place the same way, only this time he will be much more careful than before. Escape players, want to join Koda here and see if you can escape the forest through the only exit in this vast place?

Entralling Fantasy Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Entralling Fantasy Forest Escape


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