Enigmatic Room Escape

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The enigmatic room, its name echoes across the land and more and more people are starting to hear about it. It is said that the place does things unimaginable and sometimes it would even be phenomenal! But at times though it acts differently and it can be quite unlikable. That house can be found in the middle of the village located somewhere in the forest, and because the place can only be reached through long and treacherous travel only a few can get there, but even then a lot of people have already checked it. And that day too one city-folk will experience it and it will be happening as quickly as he had entered.

Nathan enters the so called house and begin his escape from there for it seems that this room does not like him. Or it could be that it really likes him and that’s why it doesn’t want him to get out! Either way Nathan experienced what he came for and he wants out of the room now. Escape players, want to help Nathan here escape the room and quickly too? For there are a lot of accounts that from time to time the room doesn’t settle in only happening, which means there could be something else after this locking in thing.

Enigmatic Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Palani Games.

Walkthrough video for Enigmatic Room Escape


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