Energetic Boy Escape

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There was this energetic boy who lives in the town and well the town is small, that’s why everybody knows him, he also stands-out for his energy is always off the charts. One day, Rico was called by this energetic boy to come over at his house for they are close-friends and just hang-out throughout the day, of course he obliged. Rico arrived at his friend’s house and he enters the place for he normally does that, but then he already noticed a strange thing for his friend’s mother seems to be missing, still he went to Rico’s room and that’s when he realized that his friend is yelling for help for he is actually trapped inside his room!

Rico at first didn’t know what to do for he was just a kid, but his friend needs help and his mother is nowhere to be found, he also thought that his friend was quite energetic, he might get hurt in trying to escape thanks to his hyperactive movements. Rico will try his best though, escape players care to join in this rescue as well and see if you can all get Rico’s friend out? Place yourself on the shoes of Rico then and try your best to rescue his friend who was the energetic boy.

Energetic Boy Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.