Endless Mystery 2 Game

Endless Mystery 2

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Endless Mystery 2 is the newest point and click abandoned place escape game from 5n Games for more dose of fun here plus a mystery solving adventure. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel. Have fun!

This time escape players, you are all to uncover a mystery in an abandoned structure while on the shoes of Willy the world-famous adventurer. This Willy guy had been through a lot of challenges in different places around the world, he uncovers mysteries and sometimes even solving problems which are far-off from the reach of law enforcement. In other words, Willy had seen weirder things as much as the next guy. Another location is up for another mystery uncovering here, Will Willy be able to discover what it is that the people living nearby doesn't want to talk about?

Escape players, you are then again welcome to try this mystery discovering escape adventure here with us! Join Willy the adventurer here in this ruined house or some sort which looked like it had been abandoned for decades on end. Good luck then everyone and don't forget to try the first game from this 2nd sequel here for more fun! Enjoy escaping with us daily.

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