Endless Mystery 1 Game

Endless Mystery 1

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Endless Mystery 1 is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 5n Games for more daring escape adventures plus a discovery. Enjoy!

Peter was called into the house which the interior looked like the suite room of a hotel, for something weird was going-on in there. The house had some mysterious problem and nobody could explain it, they were renovating a few things in the place when the activity suddenly went higher! As a paranormal expert, that is where Peter comes-in for the owner of the place thinks that can he can help, but something happened though and Peter just got himself in-trouble there.

Peter's mission to uncover what had been bothering the house just turned into an escape! For after Peter was left inside to work while the owner answered a call and went outside, the doors of the place suddenly went shut and nobody can open it even if it's from the inside or out! Now this is what they were talking about, but because the situation could escalate for the worst, Peter decided to find the way out first and decide what to do next, will he be able to escape? Escape players, you can join Peter here as he escapes from the house or, you can also uncover the mysteries of this place first. Go ahead then and good luck in whatever you may choose.

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