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Enchanted Jungle

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The enchanted wilderness had been turned into a park which had a wooden trail, that's because the place was absolutely beautiful and everyone must visit it. But there is a rule however of not stepping-out of the trail and not to disturb any vegetation or animals in the place. Tim who was a real fan of nature and hiking decided that day he'll visit the place for he had never been to that wilderness which they say was absolutely a marvel of nature, and indeed it was when he first entered the trail. But Tim was a victim however of the only thing that's negative in the place, and that is being lost.

Tim was confident that he won't get lost for there is a trail, but little did he know that the trail runs for miles and one can surely get lost in there pretty easily if they become too reckless. Tim at first was relaxed as he finds his way out and sight-see too while he does, but the sun is slowly going down now and everything there will turn dark after that. Escape players, care to join Tim here on this wilderness escape as quickly as possible before things turns for the worst?

Enchanted Jungle is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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