Enchanted Castle Forest Escape Game

Enchanted Castle Forest Escape

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Reaching the medieval castle wasn't easy to do for the forest is vast and no roads are currently available to take leading there, maybe the elements through the centuries have already taken-over it or maybe people before have purposely covered the path so that nobody would make it there. That makes it even more interesting to go on an adventure there and that day as a person who really wanted to reach the said castle, Malcolm finally made it but he took a lot of time though and it's already night.

Malcolm didn't want to be in the area until dark, but he has no choice now but to seek shelter for traveling back through the forest will be dangerous and that is sure. Well, being in the castle he was trying to reach though is still a probability if he is going to be safe in there, but there is a chance to get in-trouble as he enters in that old structure. Malcolm needs to decide now or he'll be sleeping in the dead of night there in the forest. Escape players, come and test your skills and logic here with Malcolm as he finds shelter near or in the castle itself for the night.

Enchanted Castle Forest Escape is a brand new point and click dark castle escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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