Emu Forest Escape Game

Emu Forest Escape

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People around you were saying you needed to visit the Emu Forest at least once. That was exactly what you were going to do. You couldn't save much as you were still helping with the house bills. So you only got to save a little amount every month. You were fine with it until you heard a news about the forest. Some people were trying to steal the emu and keep it to themselves. You knew it would still be quite useless as keeping these animals was illegal. However, they might bring the animals to the black market and make big amounts of money from it. You were still a bit short with your budget but you threw caution into the wind and embarked on a journey to visit the forest. You were planning to just see them and maybe interact with the creatures a bit.

Then again, you got involved a little too much. While in the forest, you saw some people attempting to steal one of the emus. You set up a plan and scared them away. But while doing this, you forgot your way back to the outside of the forest. Play Emu Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games.

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