Emu Escape From Cage Game

Emu Escape From Cage

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Emus are one of those seemingly rare birds which are endemic in the continent of Oceania, that's why they need to be protected. Try this challenge here then and see if you can rescue one. Emu Escape From Cage is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Emus are the modern-day descendants of monstrous birds like from the extinct ostrich-like flightless bird called the giant moa. Those creatures can reach 12 feet in height and weigh at most 500 lbs, but what's left of them however are the cassowaries, emus, and even the small kiwi bird. Endemic in Australia and New Zealand, these animals cannot be found anywhere naturally, of course there are zoos now someplace else that harbors these animals, it's still a good thing to have a sanctuary for them, like the emu sanctuary in Australia.

One of the persons taking-care of the place was Irwin, and he loves them emus to the point that it would follow him wherever he goes in the vast area. One day however, something happened to one of the emus there and one can be very important for the population of these flightless birds. An emu just escaped from the sanctuary and when Irwin tried to find it, he fortunately successfully did, but he would not believe where it was now. Escape players, want to know what happened to that escaped emu? It will definitely be a rescue so, join Irwin then and see if you can help solve the problem.

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