Emu Bird Escape Game

Emu Bird Escape

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Emu Bird Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Avm Games for more fun escape adventures here in a sanctuary. Enjoy!

The village had already evolved so much, for it first had a few settlers, then a huge farm can be seen and from that farm the owners created a place which was a sanctuary of an animal native to Australia. There are only a few people in the sanctuary, and they really take care of the birds to increase its numbers and some of them can then return to their homeland. One day, Jane went to the place so she can see the birds and see how their doing, she is just a normal visitor to the sanctuary and she knows nothing at all of the confusing terrain of the area, and because of that she actually got in some trouble in the nearby village.

Jane was checking-out the emus and surprisingly to her, the animals are quite harmless, they are even approaching her for food and affection, it is so much different than the cassowaries where protocols needs to be met to ensure safety. Well her safety here was still compromised however, for she had wandered off from the sanctuary and into the nearby village which was quiet at the time, thereafter she got lost in there. Jane was a little-bit concerned for it's getting dark and she doesn't see anybody which can potentially help her out, will she be able to get back to the emu sanctuary where she is familiar to? Escape players, check-out the escape adventure here with Jane, let be the emu's cries be a guide for you. Good luck!

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