Empty Mall Escape Game

Empty Mall Escape

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Have on this mall escape everyone! Empty Mall Escape is the newest point and click building escape game created by Selfdefiant for more fun with us daily. Best of luck!

Mina woke-up early that morning but she was not in her room though but in a mall emptied of people! Why would Mina be in such a place? It's not like she forgot and slept at the mall for she really works at the mall as an office employee, but it's not the same mall though and she is not familiar with this one. This is definitely a mysterious thing and she really doesn't know what to think of this, but she needs to find her way out though before this weird problem gets worst.

First, Mina must find anyone here and if that certain someone can help her, if there's nobody then she is on her own her until this place opens. Mina isn't exactly alone though, for she has you escape players, and you have your skills and logic. Escape players, Mina needs help here, care to join in on the fun and see if you can all help her and her problem which was being trapped in the mall? Have fun then everyone!

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