Empty Hotel Escape Game

Empty Hotel Escape

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Vincent got himself a hotel for his meeting in the city have been long enough that he can no longer travel back home for it's late. He just got a little room, nothing fancy about it, just good enough to stay for the night and as comfortable too. The morning came and Vincent needs to travel back so he can send his report to the office in his city, but when he got out from his room and to the reception, he saw there was no people around and he said to himself, great now he doesn't have to wait in line or something, But then again the reception was not in his or her station though so that made it still the same.

Vincent called and waited for anybody to tend to him but it seems that the personnel there had abandoned his or her station and in fact, there was nobody in the hotel at all and he just noticed that! Vincent was surely confused what was going-on, but when he tried the door of the establishment, he realized that the entrances and exits have been locked down! That enhanced his confusion big-time, but because this situation is getting him really unnerved, he must find a way out quickly before this weird thing worsens. Escape players, you are very welcome to check-out this escape adventure here from the hotel with Vincent. Try your best and keep moving!

Empty Hotel Escape is the newest point and click building escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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