Empty City Escape Game

Empty City Escape

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Benjie was soundly sleeping and dreaming in his room, but when he woke-up however he found himself in a very different place and that is in the middle of the city where he was living! That itself was already weird, but what's strange though is the city was empty. Benjie found two unbelievable things when he woke-up there and now questions are flooding his brain from all sides. How did he get there on the middle of the road? Did he fall-off from somewhere? Did he sleep-walk? Where are the people? Is he safe?

Benjie has even more questions but now he thinks that he isn't safe where he is standing, that's why he needs to get himself out of the place now for this is way above concerning. Escape players, Benjie is in a problem here which he cannot really understand, but he needs to find his way back home now before he gets in some danger or something. Come and join in the escape here with Benjie from the city area which was suppose to be populated at this time. Be careful now and stay alert.

Empty City Escape is the newest point and click location escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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