Empty Abandoned Room Escape 2 Game

Empty Abandoned Room Escape 2

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Vladimir in the previous escape adventure was able to escape from where he got trapped thanks to you escape players! But the adventure is only over for Vladimir though, for there is another situation which was weird enough that it's a fit of a challenge to solve. Cal woke-up one morning and when he opened his eyes, he could not believe of what he found. He found himself in some room almost empty with just one or two items around and he didn't know where he was!

Cal though to himself, he didn't just sleep-walked all the way where he was now? Or did he? If so then how did he even get in the place, for when he tried the door in the room to get himself out, he couldn't for it was locked. So, he went inside the room unconscious and just locked himself inside? That's one preposterous possibility, but it could be that he was also kidnapped in his sleep and brought there, that's two. Cal must not let that be though and wait for what's to come next, he needs to escape whatever the reason is why he was there and quickly too for there might not be time. Come and join Cal here escape players, quietly escape from the room with haste.

Empty Abandoned Room Escape 2 is the newest point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games. This game is a part of the first one as the start of the series.

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