Eminent Hotel Escape Game

Eminent Hotel Escape

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Every year, you plan for your summer break to be the best one yet. So you spend the rest of the year saving money and searching for your next location. You have been to a lot of places when the expenses are cheap. But when you need to pay a higher amount, you can only go to at least one. There's a huge difference between the two trips you're having. When you have a lot of places to visit, you can see more but get exhausted more too. Unlike when you only have one place to go, you can leisurely see all the sights you want and be refreshed. So between the two, you choose to visit just one place. And since it's only one, this means that you have more money to spend. So you choose to stay at Eminent Hotel.

It's one of the trendiest hotel at the moment. Celebrities and VIPs are flocking in this hotel. You want to be part of that in crowd so you book to stay there. It was just your luck that they still have a room available. Your room has more of a classic feel to it. However, you can also sense some modernity. But one thing that stands out are the bits of paper laying around the room. You pick one up and try to find where it belongs. Then again, you don't want to focus on it much so you try to ask someone outside. But you can't. Eminent Hotel Escape is a room escape game by Eight Games.

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